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How to Save Your Money on Long Distance Calls

Save The Cost on Long Distance CallsAs the costs are just too prohibitive for most people to have frequent of lengthy conversations, long distance call can be so expensive that conversations are typically kept short and loved ones in distant places are called infrequently. If you pay attention, you will know that all that has changed as prices have dropped significantly from what they once were. Thanks to modern advances in technology that makes a plethora of options for saving money on long distance. So, why do that cell phone companies in Canada still charge as much as 40 cents per minute for domestic long distance call? I think it is practically highway robbery.

Many people think that the prices are charged by their phone company are reasonable with everyone used to paying astronomical prices for their long distance because they have dropped so much. It would definitely be acceptable to many by paying 10 cents per minute, and it would seem like a bargain to those same folks by paying 5 cents per minute. They may be shocked to find out that they can find some ways to get long distance cheaper than that. You can even get long distance call to the United States and Canada for free in some cases. If you want to cover all of cheapest and best options for Canadians, you can save money on long distance call with this guide.

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Use a dedicated long distance service provider

You can find many providers that offer cheap long distance and are entirely separate from your cell phone or home phone provider. You can use these services in a multitude of many ways. You can replace your current long distance entirely by using some of them whenever you make a long distance call while other providers require you to call a special number at the first step. There are some providers that will bill your credit card automatically while other providers require you to buy credits in advance before making a call.

Use calling cards with your current services

Using calling cards for all of your outgoing long distance calls can be the easiest way to reduce your long distance bill without making any substantial changes to your current services. You also can literally use calling cards anywhere on any phone, including your cell phone, pay phones, home phone, hotel phones, and other people’s phones. And you can reduce your long distance charges to less than 1 cent per minute by using calling cards depending on where you live in Canada.

Use cheap or free VoIP services to make your long distance call

It can be quite complicated by setting up traditional VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) but fortunately many companies have successfully developed cheap or even free services around the VoIP technology, eliminating most of those complications. By far, I think this is the most effective and cheapest way to make long distance calls as you can typically make free long distance calls anywhere for a small subscription fee or even for free.