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Reasons for Choosing Voice over IP – VoIP Advantages: Part I

VoIP is available in the market as the alternative for people to save more money on their phone bill. It is known that the price of landline phone service is quite costly. It is especially if you are making phone call from one country to another. VoIP offers more affordable solution for international call and other phone calls. Like other services, this service comes with some advantages and disadvantages. Learn the advantages of the service in this article.

The first and the main benefit of VoIP are saving a lot of money. VoIP service is more affordable than landline service. When you are using landline phone, you will be charged for each minute you spend for talking on phone. The fee for international call is much more expensive. VoIP service is only using internet connection to make phone call. The only cost which you need to spend is the cost of monthly internet bill to your ISP. You need to have broadband internet access such as ADSL. Ensure that your internet speed has decent speed. Most people are using 24/7 ADSL internet service. It causes your monthly cost to be a fixed amount. You are able to speak as much as you wish on VoIP and the connection cost is still the same. According to the studies, VoIP can save up to 40% on local calls and up to 90% on international calls.

Another advantage which you can get from VoIP service is the ability to use the service for more than two persons. On the phone line, there are only two persons who can speak at a time. However, when you are using VoIP service, you are able to setup conference setting with a whole team communicating in real time. VoIP compresses data packets during transmission and it causes more data to be handled over the carrier. You will be able to handle more calls on one access line..


VoIP Solutions For Small and Medium Businesses: Part I

Finding the right VoIP solution is quite easy since the options available are large. It is necessary for you to take consideration on many aspects before purchasing the service. The aspects are including the size of your business. Using VoIP service in small and medium business is not similar to replace the existing phone system. It also adds more features, quality, flexibility, and prestige in the organization. Another main reason why people are using VoIP service in small business is saving more money for communication bills. If you are looking for VoIP service for small and medium business, here are some recommendations.

The first VoIP service recommended for small and medium business is Adtran NetVanta 7100. It is designed for small business that cannot spend huge amounts of money in using VoIP service. It is also suitable for business which does not have the skilled personnel needed to support large complex systems. The service is available in low cost and comes with many integration features and functionality. This complete system makes it serious contender on the small and medium business VoIP market. It is very good system for small businesses.

Another VoIP service for small and medium business is Avaya One-X Quick Edition. The main benefit which you can get from this service is simple to deploy, use, and maintain. Even so, it is quite strong with the possibility to support up to 40 users. The solution is rather simple and it can be deployed over an already existing network. All those offers make it attractive solution for small business with a network. The structure of the system will shift all VoIP features to IP phones. As the result, users can have it easy to manage. There are still many features which are available in the market. Make sure you choose the solution which is suitable for your need and preference.