VoIP Security Assessments: Buzzword or Necessity?

VoIP Security

VoIP Security

The industry of VoIP has matured greatly within the last decade. Most business organizations currently adopt this technology which was previously only used to make free phone calls by the consumers. Nowadays, VoIP is going to the stage where it is replacing traditional telephone systems. In advance, it was only an alternative among numerous communication channels.

In fact, the huge growth of VoIP system also catches the attention of hackers. Most reputable VoIP vendors have emphasized the necessity for organizations to require a better consideration for their security policies due to several high-profile attacks. Most of them need security analysis tools, as the intensity and frequency of such attacks has increased. Many network administrators lend a hand to assist their service providers resist fraud and other attacks.

Operators have task to quickly respond and provide professional estimation reports for implementations of VoIP.  Security assessments and deployment costs are usually bundled together which cost tens of thousands of dollars. The security would never be breached, if the security assessments have been undertaken at regular intervals. The services usually include various devices on a comprehensive review of the network as well as testing the security protocols and firewalls reliability and analyzing system architecture.

But, all of these security assessments will create a new question. Is it really important for the customers? Or, is it just being used as buzzword to promote carriers’ services? The answer of those questions depends upon the complexity and size of specific implementation of VoIP on each company.

The security reports aren’t needed on small and medium businesses that have installed and subscribed VoIP. The provider has responsibility to maintain secure networks, since they are managing the service off-site. Many of their clients cannot do apart from making sure the employees are not compromising the accounts, and keep the physical devices safe.

However, the huge benefits are waiting for some organizations that use their own IP PBX with a SIP trunk. IT administrators often need perspective of the outsider due to their limitations to see the weaknesses in their own system. In other hands, there were vulnerabilities that occurred during the implementation phase or there was not any sufficient importance that given to the security. Hackers can take advantage of any holes in the system before they had patched, in accordance to analysis from a professional.

Many of advantages that you can get from consolidating data and voice traffic onto the same networks. However, it invites new threats though. If the organizations do not want to meet the risk, they need to improve their performance in managing and identifying their networks.


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