VoIP, IP PBX: The ABCs of Telephone Systems

Some years ago, telephone is considered as one of the most important parts of communication tool. It still is right now but telephone technology has been improving in a way where users can make or receiving phone call through portable device known as cell phone. The newest technology in telephone world is VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol. The technology allows you to make and receive phone call through internet connection.

VoIP is highly loved now since it helps people to save money. Many experts have been expanding technology to produce affordable and better system for communication. VoIP is designed to achieve both goals. Before purchasing any VoIP service, you should learn some terms related to telephone systems to determine whether VoIP is the best one.

The first term is PBX which stands for the Private Branch Exchange. The term of PBX was found in 1960s. It is hardware and hardwired system which allows multiple users in a location to make and receive phone calls to another without going outside the internal network. For example, if you are making call in other departments by dialing extension 214, you are using PBX system. PBX service also provides other abilities such as voicemail. You can store voicemail on the system’s server.

PBX system also works to connect users to outside lines by using trunk lines. It allows more than user to transmit over a line. It stays relevant term despite the wholesale switch to digital voice. In this present day, phone systems are still using PBX concept. However, newly installed phones are more likely to connect via internet connection. You still can old-fashioned PBX systems continue to exist. According to Sean Finney, it will last forever but you might feel it is difficulty to find many companies installing them. However, you might still find PBX is still useful for your business.


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