VoIP Buying Guide For Small Business: Part I

VoIP is available to help small business to save telephone bill. It can be seen that VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol communication matures while high speed internet becomes cheap and ubiquitous. VoIP is much more affordable compared to conventional landline. Many businesses have moved from landline service and move to VoIP.

When you are looking for the best VoIP service, the options are quite large. Things will be simple if you are looking for hosted service. Many great VoIP providers offer the service to manage all heavy lifting offsite, deliver calls to you phones, and software clients without too much difficulty. It is much easier when you are using phones which are plug-and-play certified for the service. Most services do not need any additional on-site hardware aside from those phones. In many cases, you might need to find a space for a small box of hardware on site.

On-site VoIP system needs a bit more work. You will need IP-based private branch exchange. It is VoIP-friendly version of PBX phone systems which are used by many offices. It is needed to route your calls to appropriate phones on your network and devices known as PSTN gateway. PSTN gateway is located between IP PBX software and the analog signals of public switched telephone network, converting calls to and from digital signals as needed.

When you are choosing VoIP service, you should be able to operate the basic settings for your phone lines or extensions over the phone. For operating more advanced options, you need to learn more from your online account interface. Your options for VoIP service are large. Make sure you find the investment which is worth with your business operation. Do not waste your money on VoIP service with poor quality level. Read some customer reviews to get more information on each VoIP service.


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